Vacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly: And 27 Other Saturday Science Projects

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"Definitely a significant contribution to the field. There are few books that contain both interesting experiments and their physical explanations--most leave them somewhat mysterious, with no logical solutions. Being among those special few, this book will be of interest to general readers with inquiring minds."--Ronald D. Edge, University of South Carolina"Downie writes well--with clear, crisp prose, and with a sense of humor I find delightful."--Paul J. Nahin, University of New Hampshire"The most important aspect of this book is that it allows the reader to come up with non-intuitive practical results. Why make a toy that does something predictable? Why invest time in something that everybody else expects? But if you learn how to do something that will impress your friends, then you will do it."--Florin Diacu, University of Victoria


Contents in Detail vii Project Ratings xi Preface xiii KINETIC CURIOSITIES 1. Hovering Rings 3 2. Dynabrolly 14 3. Gravity Reversal 21 4. Maypole Drill 28 5. Rotarope 33 STRONG STRING THINGS 6. String Nutcracker 45 7. Twisted Sinews 51 STRONG NOTHING 8. Vacuum Muscles 61 9. Vacuum Bazooka 70 SOUNDS PECULIAR 10. String Radio 83 11. Mole Radio 93 12. Bat Doppler 102 TRANSMISSIONS WITH OMISSIONS 13. Toothless Gearwheels 113 14. Flying Pulleys 121 CLOCKS WITHOUT CUCKOOS OR QUARTZ 15. The Crank and the Pendulum 127 16. A Symphony of Siphons 134 17. Bernoulli's Clock 142 CURIOUS CONVEYANCES 18. Dougall or U'brocraft 151 19. Follow That Sunbeam 157 20 Duohelicon 167 21. Fishy Boat 174 22. Rotarudder 182 23. Cable Yacht 190 ANTEDILUVIAN ELECTRONICS 24. Beard Amplifier 199 25. Tornado Transistor 207 ELECTRIC WATER 26. Meltdown Alarm 215 27. Electric Rainbow jelly 222 INFERNAL INVENTIONS 28. Binary Match 229 29. Ultimate Bunsen Burner 234 Useful Materials and Components 241 A Reminder about Units 245 Bibliography 247 Index 251


Neil A. Downie has worked on a variety of engineering projects for the British Ministry of Defence and private industries in the UK. He is currently a scientist with Air Products and Chemicals at their labs in Blasingstoke near London.


A fascinating new book. . . . The style is eclectic and interesting. . . . It brings together practical, accessible physics with a gentle amount of theory in an entertaining and educational manner. There is much here that will both stimulate a curiosity about physics and help with good--if not inspirational--physics teaching.
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