Mountain Bike Like a Champion: Master the Techniques of America's Greatest Rider

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August 1999



Improve your performance with these tips, techniques, and off-road tales from mountain biking legend Ned Overend. "At the 1990 world championships in Durango, Colorado, Thomas Frischknecht and I were locked in a dogfight.... At the start of the fourth and final lap was a pitch of rocky, loose trail that went straight up the face of a ski run.... My Swiss rival had been dismounting and running this climb while I stayed on my bike. On previous laps, I'd opened a little gap, so I knew this would be my chance. I attacked when Thomas got off again. He never caught me.... To ride that steep trail, I had to use five climbing techniques. There's no reason why you can't make them part of your arsenal, too." "This book is loaded with Ned's secrets for a lifetime of great rides. It's destined to be a classic."--Juli Furtado, two-time world mountain bike champion "Ned Overend is the grand master of mountain biking. If you want to improve your skills, this is your source."--John Tomac, world mountain bike champion and 10-time national downhill champion

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