The Gospel according to Harry Potter (Leaders)

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Mai 2006



This is a ten-session study for youth and adults that explores the religious themes that are prevalent in the popular series of children's books. It covers the first four books and the first two movies. The book serves as a companion to "The Gospel According to Harry Potter: Spirituality in the Stories of the World's Most Famous Seeker".


Connie Neal is the author of over thirty books and Bible projects, most recently What's the Christian to Do with Harry Potter?. She toured as a speaker with Women of Faith in 1998 and now crosses the country conducting workshops on Harry Potter's influence in the Christian community. Along with her husband, Connie is raising their three children to remain culturally literate without compromising their love of God. Samuel F. (Skip) Parvin is an established youth curricula writer and is the coauthor of the companion study guides for The Gospel according to The Simpsons and The Gospel according to Harry Potter. Parvin is also a former pastor of Isle of Faith United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.
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