Plays by Mediterranean Women

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Oktober 1994



A ground-breaking collection of internationally renowned writers and dissident voices.


Introduction The plays


Nawal el Saadawi is a distinguished novelist now living and working in the USA. Dacia Maraini is one of Italy's foremost feminist writers. Klaus Mann is one of Germany's most powerful novelists, here adapted by one of France's leading theatre directors Arian Mnouchkine. Lluisa Cunille is an emerging voice from Catalan Spain whose work has been performed internationally. Miriam Kainy is a writer and academic whose work is regularly performed in both Israel and the USA. Maria Avraamidou is a regular writer for TV and radio in Greece and her work has been performed internationally.


'...a great opportunity for those who don't see much live theatre by women to know what they've been missing' Everywoman Magazine
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