Understanding and Implementing the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives

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This textbook was developed as a joint project between the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) and Fire Protection Publications. It provides a detailed overview and implementation strategies for the 16 Fire Fighter Life Safety Initiatives that were developed by the NFFF at their landmark summit in 2004. Each of the chapters was written by a different highly-respected fire service subject matter expert on that topic. This text provides the information necessary to meet the FESHE courses Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival (associate degree level) and Advanced Principles in Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival (bachelor degree level).


1. National Fallen Firefighters Foundation-- Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives -- Everyone Goes Home(R) Program 2. Fire Service Culture and Safety 3. Research and Data Collection in the Fire Service 4. Firefighter Fatality, Injury, and Near-Miss Data and Investigations 5. Personal and Organizational Accountability for Health and Safety 6. Risk Management on the Emergency 7. Fire Service Training and Safety 8. Medical and Fitness Standards and Programs 9. Health and Safety Technology 10. Fire Apparatus Design and Response Safety Issues and Policies 11. Effects of Fire and Life Safety Prevention and Education Programs on Firefighter Safety 12. Implementing the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives in Your Department
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