Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, Level 3: Trainee Guide

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Advanced Towers and Vessels, Advanced Trade Math, Precision Tools, Installing Bearings, Installing Couplings, Conventional Alignment, Setting Baseplates and Prealignment, Installing Mechanical Seals and Installing Belt and Chain Drives.

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(Total Level Hours: 175; 155 required, 20 Elective/ Optional) 32301-08 Advanced Trade Math (30 Hours) Explains right triangle trigonometry and its use in the trade. Also covers interpolation, equilateral and isosceles triangles and the laws of acute triangles. 32302-08 Precision Measuring Tools (20 Hours) Explains how to select, inspect, use and care for levels, feeler gauges, calipers, micrometers, height gauges and surface plates, dial indicators, protractors, parallels and gauge blocks, trammels, and pyrometers. 32303-08 Installing Bearings (20 Hours) Explains how to remove, troubleshoot, and install tapered, thrust, spherical roller, pillow block, and angular contact ball bearings. 32304-08 Installing Couplings (15 Hours) Identifies various types of couplings, and covers installation procedures using the press-fit method and the interference-fit method. Also covers coupling removal procedures. 32305-08 Setting Baseplates and Prealignment (30 Hours) Explains how to lay out and install baseplates and soleplates. Describes how to field-verify a plate installation. Covers precision leveling procedures and performing clearance installation. Also describes basic steps for setting motors and pumps. 32306-08 Conventional Alignment (20 Hours) Covers types of misalignment, aligning couplings using a straightedge and feeler gauge, adjusting parallel and angular alignment, using a dial indicator, and eliminating coupling stress. 32307-08 Installing Belt and Chain Drives (10 Hours) Covers the sizes, uses, and installation procedures of six types of drive belts and two types of chain drives. 32308-08 Installing Mechanical Seals (20 Elective Hours) Covers function and advantages of mechanical seals, identifies parts and types of seals, and includes procedures for removing, inspecting, and installing mechanical seals.
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