Mas Antes

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Juli 2003



A noted folklorist presents this bilingual compilation of the dichos (sayings), adivinanzas (riddles), stories, love quatrains, letters, ballads, and songs from Spanish New Mexico.


Nasario Garcia has edited and translated numerous collections of folklore, including Mas Antes: Hispanic Folklore of the Rio Puerco Valley (Museum of New Mexico Press) and Platicas: Conversations with Hispano Writers of New Mexico (Texas Tech). A former professor of languages at New Mexico Highlands University, he lives in Santa Fe. John Nichols is the author of The Milagro Beanfield War, among many works of fiction.


In this book about long ago, he [Nasario Garcia] once again ventures onto his natural habitat, the Rio Puerco, and prepares the stage for his beloved Muddy River gente.
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Untertitel: Hispanic Folklore of the Rio Puerco Valley. b/w photos. Sprache: Spanisch.
Verlag: Museum of New Mexico Press
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