The Learning and Teaching of Reading and Writing

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This book provides a unique description of teacher-pupil interaction during the Literacy Hour in good schools. It is based on detailed observations in inner-city primary schools that were recognised as effective and improving. The analysis is informed by contemporary research into the development and teaching of early literacy.


About the Authors. Part One: Learning and Teaching Reading and Writing. 1. How to Read this Book. 2. Teaching Reading and Writing in English Primary Schools: an Historical Perspective. 3. Writing Systems and the Development of Reading. 4. The Development of Writing. 5. Children for whom English is an Additional Language. 6. The Schools. Part Two: Three Exceptional Teachers. An Introduction to Part Two. 7. Aidan. 8. Bridget. 9. Clare. 10. Conclusion. References. School Resources. Author Index. Subject Index.


Naomi Flynn is Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Winchester. She has previously taught in inner city, ethnically diverse primary schools for eighteen years. Her interest in the NLS grew from the combined experience of piloting the strategy in her own school and from her academic interest in children's early literacy development. Rhona Stainthorp is Director of the Language and Literacy Research Centre, Institute of Education, University of London. She has been involved in the professional training of teachers and speech and language therapists for the last 30 years.


"... reassuring to read that effective practice does indeed exist amid the sea of change that is educational theory." (Children & Young People Now, September 2007)

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