Exile and the Poetics of Loss in Greek Tradition

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April 1999



In Exile and the Poetics of Loss in Greek Tradition, Nancy Sultan examines the theme of heroic exile and return in Greek poetic tradition from the Archaic epic of Homer to modern Greek folk poetry and song. Sultan studies issues of how husbands and wives survive separation and communicate the painful experience of loss. Focusing on the role women play as obstacles and facilitators during the hero's exile and return, Sultan argues that the hero's reputation, his glory, that which he earns through suffering in exile, is managed by women--especially his wife and mother. Without their emotional support, the hero's glory is compromised. This innovative and interdisciplinary book will be of interest to classicists, anthropologists, and scholars of literature and women's studies.


Nancy Sultan is associate professor of humanities and classical studies at Illinois Wesleyan University.


Sultan's book fully meets the standards and goals it sets out for itself. -- Artemis Leontis, University of Michigan Nancy Sultan's book is a powerful reminder that the discourse of exile so dominant for us by Ovid is not the only one available. Times Literary Supplement ... Sultan's conclusions are rewarding. -- J. M. Foley,, University of Missouri, Columbia CHOICE
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