The Jumanos: Hunters and Traders of the South Plains

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Januar 1994



In the late sixteenth century, Spanish explorers described encounters with North American people they called 'Jumanos.' This book proposes that they were indeed a distinctive tribe, their wide travel pattern linked over well-established itineraries.


Preface; Introduction Part One. Jumano Chronology, 1535-1610: First Encounters: Indians and Conquistadors 1. The Travels of Cabeza de Vaca; 2. Explorations by Way of the Western Corridor; 3. Opening the Central Corridor; 4. The Illegal Entrada of Castano de Sosa; 5. Juan de Onate and the Conquest of New Mexico; 6. The Jumanos at the Dawn of HistoryPart Two. Jumano Chronology,1610-1685: Franciscans and Indians in New Mexico 7. New Mexico in the 1620's; 8. Fray Juan de Salas' Mission to the Jumanos; 9. The Jumanos at Mid-Century; 10. The Pueblo Rebellion of 1680 and Its Aftermath; 11. The Expedition to the Rio de las Nueces; 12. Alonso de Posada's Report: The Jumano World in 1685Part Three. Jumano Chronology, 1685-1700: The Decline and Fall of the Jumano Trade Empire 13. La Salle's Colony: The French Connection; 14. Approaches from Coahuila; 15. The View from Parral; 16. Fin de Siecle: The Jumano DiasporaPart Four. Continuity and Change in Jumano Culture 17. The Jumano Identity Crisis; 18. The Trade Network; 19. From History to PrehistoryNotes; Bibliography; Index


"This important book accomplishes many things... It will reshape perceptions of the history of the Southern Plains and the Spanish borderlands. The Jumanos have been the subject of complete misunderstanding by anthropologists, ethnologists, and historians alike, and Hickerson has gone a great distance to clarify just who the Jumanos were, what happened to them, and why they were important... The Jumanos is excellent ethnohistory." Journal of American History
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