The Critical Pragmatism of Alain Locke: A Reader on Value Theory, Aesthetics, Community, Culture, Race, and Education

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April 1999



In its comprehensive overview of Alain Locke's pragmatist philosophy this book captures the radical implications of Locke's approach within pragmatism, the critical temper embedded in Locke's works, the central role of power and empowerment of the oppressed and the concept of broad democracy Locke employed.


Part 1 Part I: Critical Pragmatism and Value Theory Chapter 2 Another Pragmatism: Alain Locke, Critical "Race" Theory, and the Politics of Culture Chapter 3 Struggling with Stereotypes: The Problems of Representing a Collective Identity Chapter 4 Values and Language: Toward a Theory of Translation for Alain Locke Chapter 5 African Art and the Harlem Renaissance: Alain Locke, Melville Herskovits, Roger Fry, Albert C. Barnes Chapter 6 Alain Lockes' Multicultural Philosophy of Value: A Transformative Guide for the Twenty-First Century Part 7 Part II: Aesthetics Chapter 8 Pragmatist Aesthetics: Roots and Radicalism Chapter 9 Alain Locke, Essentialism, and the Notion of a Black Aesthetic Chapter 10 Aesthetics and the Issue of Identity Chapter 11 Open-Textured Aesthetic Boundaries: Matters of Art, Race, and Culture Part 12 Part III: Community and Culture Chapter 13 Two Lockes, Two Keys: Tolerance and Reciprocity in a Culture of Democracy Chapter 14 Alain Locke and Walt Whitman: Manifestos and National Identity Chapter 15 Alain Locke: Philosophical "Midwife" of the Harlem Renaissance Chapter 16 Alain Locke: A Sociocultural Conception of Race Chapter 17 Instrumental Relativism and Cultivated Pluralism: Alain Locke and Philosophy's Quest for a Common World Part 18 Part IV: Edification and Education Chapter 19 Adult Education and Democratic Values: Alain Locke on the Nature and Purpose of Adult Education for African Americans Chapter 20 Alain Locke and His Contributions to Black Studies Chapter 21 Andragogy and the Education of African American Adults Chapter 22 Alain Locke: A Paradigm for Transformative Education-Addressing the Relationship of Knowledge to Social Concerns Part 23 Part V: Paradoxes, Dilemmas, and Critiques Chapter 24 Values, Imperatives, and the Imperative of Democratic Values Chapter 25 Meaning in an Epistemic System Chapter 26 Alain Locke: Critical Relativism and Multicultural Education Part 27 Part VI: Postscript Chapter 28 Alain Locke Remembered


Leonard Harris is professor of philosophy and director of the African American Studies and Research Center at Purdue University. Among his numerous books are The Philosophy of Alain Locke: Harlem Renaissance and Beyond, Philosophy Born of Struggle: An Anthology of Afro-American Philosophy from 1917, and most recently The Conception of Racism.


A valuable anthology suitable for those interested in the serious study of pragmatism or Alain Locke. Ethics
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