Black Families in Therapy, Second Edition: Understanding the African American Experience

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This classic text helps professionals and students understand and address cultural and racial issues in therapy with African American clients. Leading family therapist Nancy Boyd-Franklin explores the problems and challenges facing African American communities at different socioeconomic levels, expands major therapeutic concepts and models to be more relevant to the experiences of African American families and individuals, and outlines an empowerment-based, multisystemic approach to helping clients mobilize cultural and personal resources for change. New to This Edition: >Discussions of important topics for African American communities today, including Afrocentricity; Rites-of-Passage programs; educational disparities, particularly as they affect boys; racial profiling; violence; substance abuse; and HIV/AIDS. >Chapters on gender socialization and relationships; public policy issues affecting families; and divorce, remarriage, and stepparenting in the extended family context. >Expanded coverage of racial identity issues in African American families and spiritual resources in therapy. >Brief sections on Caribbean and biracial children and families.


Part I: African American Families: The Cultural and Racial Context. Overview. Racism, Racial Identity, and Skin Color Issues. Extended Family Patterns, Kinship Care, and Informal Adoption. Role Flexibility and Boundary Confusion. African American Men and Women: Socialization and Relationships. Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, and Stepparenting. Religion and Spirituality in African American Families. Additional Important Topics in African American Communities. Part II: Major Treatment Theories, Issues, and Interventions. The Therapist's Use of Self and Value Conflicts. Major Family Therapy Approaches and Their Relevance to Treating African Americans. The Multisystems Model. Public Policy Issues: A Guide for Clinicians. Part III: Socioeconomic Class Issues and Diversity of Family Structures. Poor Families and the Multisystems Model. Single-parent African American Families. Middle-Class African American Families. Part IV: Implications for Supervision, Training, and Future Research. Implications for Training and Supervision. Conclusion and Implications for Future Clinical Work and Research.


Nancy Boyd-Franklin, PhD, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA


'No one in the mental health field can afford to be without this basic primer for understanding and working with African Americans... Written with clarity, insight, and creativity, the book is full of concrete information and case examples, while at the same time providing a strong understanding of the historical context and the evolving political realities of African American families.' - Monica McGoldrick, LCSW, PhD (h.c.), Multicultural Family Institute, Highland Park, New Jersey 'Some books are designed to fill a crucial gap on the reference shelf. Others are useful as textbooks for students in family studies, counseling, psychology, psychiatry, and even sociology. Still others function best as working manuals for practitioners. Black Families in Therapy, Second Edition, will surely serve all these functions while moving to the head of the line of readable, provocative, and insightful works in this area.' - Andrew Billingsley, PhD, African American Studies Program and The Institute for Families and Society, University of South Carolina
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