Nonsurgical Sports Medicine: Preparticipation Exam Through Rehabilitation

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With a growing number of people, young and old, engaged in a variety of physical activities, the field of sports medicine has gained greater importance for medical professionals. Nonsurgical Sports Medicine provides a comprehensive guide for the physician whose practice includes preparing patients to take part in sports as well as diagnosing and treating any resulting injuries. Nonsurgical Sports Medicine begins with an overview of the principles of the preparticipation medical evaluation and outlines how preexisting medical conditions may be optimally managed in the athlete. Individual chapters cover the evaluation and treatment of head and spine injuries, injuries to the upper and lower extremities, and overuse syndromes. The book also addresses such important issues as infectious diseases, ergogenic agents, the needs of older and young athletes, women in sports, and the effect of environmental conditions on athletes. Along with detailed discussions of the anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system, the authors describe specific maneuvers during the physical examination which are important for evaluation and diagnosis. Nonsurgical Sports Medicine provides a broad range of information that complements a physician's general knowledge and that will be invaluable in assessing patients with sports-related injuries.


Contents:List of Tables and FiguresIntroduction1. The Preparticipation Physical Examination 2. Preexisting Medical Conditions 3. Infectious Diseases 4. Ergogenic Agents 5. Injuries to the Head and Spine 6. Upper-Extremity Injuries 7. Lower-Extremity Injuries 8. Overuse Syndromes 9. The Older and Younger Athlete 10. The Female Athlete 11. Environmental Conditions and Exercise 12. Medical Coverage of Athletic EventsAppendix A. Algorithms for Decision Making in Management of Injuries 1. Head Injury 2. Neck Injury 3. Shoulder Injury 4. Knee Injury 5. Ankle Injury Appendix B. Most Common Injuries by Sport Index


N. Nichole Barry, M.D., is an associate clinical professor in the department of sports medicine at Stanford University and a physician with Sports Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Medicine Associates in Menlo Park, California, who cares for many Stanford University teams and athletes as well as ones at Santa Clara University. Michael F. Dillingham, M.D., is a clinical professor of orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine at Stanford University and a physician for several teams, including the San Francisco 49ers. James L. McGuire, M.D., was chairman of the department of medicine at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Full of valuable information for those treating athletes and physically active individuals... Well written and succinct, this book is recommended primarily for physicians and athletic trainers. Choice 2003 This book reviews virtually all aspects of clinical practice of sports medicine... To include all these areas in a single textbook is a huge challenge, which I believe the authors have successfully met... I recommend this text for physicians who see sports medicine cases in their regular practice as well as physicians who care for teams at home and on the road. -- J. William Mackie, MD, CCFP, FCFP Canadian Family Physician 2004
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