A History of the English Parish: The Culture of Religion from Augustine to Victoria

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Dezember 2003



A 'grass roots' cultural history of the English parish from the earliest times to Queen Victoria.


List of illustrations; Abbreviations; Part I. The Origins of the Parochial System: 1. Church and parish; 2. Rectors and vicars; 3. The bounds of the parish; 4. The urban parish; Part II. The Functions of the Parish: 5. The parish and its servants; 6. The economics of the parish; 7. The community and the parish; 8. The parish and the church courts; 9. The parish and popular culture; Part III: The Parish and its Church: 10. The parish: its church and churchyard; 11. The fabric of the church: the priest's church; 12. The people's church; Postscript.


'Professor Pounds's illuminating history ... is rewarding reading for anybody interested in local history or church architecture ... as an account of the evolution of the parish it is hard to see how it could be better.' Country Life '... a full, proficient and readable guide to work that is voluminous and often disparate, and will be welcomed as an introduction to this important subject'. The English Historical Review 'Pounds draws on the most recent research and adds much of his own.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'This book is a magisterial account ... of the history of the parish from its earliest beginnings to the modern period ... invaluable and accessible ... a book to be treasured and enjoyed ... this book will become a universal classic without which no library large or small, amateur or professional, will be complete.' Landscapes 'A compendious but clearly organised account of the religious and secular functions of the parish.' Northern History 'As a history of the English parish Pounds' is indeed encyclopaedic. As a work of reference it will prove invaluable, and its concern with the materiality of religion makes it also a work of great relevance to archaeology.' Medieval Archaeology
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