Arms Control: New Approaches to Theory and Policy

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policy is growing at a time when the need for policy-friendly theory is greater than ever, the authors offer a range of jargon-free views from the academic and policy-making worlds, some arguing that growing interdependence creates both the need and the opportunity for a radical reorientation of arms control efforts, while others contend that increasing complexity in arms control problems still constrains what can be negotiated and ratified.


Studies in Conflict -"...a first class study...Nancy Gallagher has not only edited the collection but has also written a vital chapter in which she explores the gaps between theory and policy, or one might equally say between theory and practice." Choice- "Overall, the book is a substantial contribution to the literature in the field, and it will be a valuable acquisition for professional and academic libraries." Diplomacy and Statecraft - "It is impossible in a short review to reflect the diversity and importance of the issues addressed by the authors. They are particularly good at analyzing the internal restraints which hamper US arms control policy, they are less effective at illuminating the difficulties faced by a Great Power in influencing regional actors who are frozen into rigid confrontational postures. Nevertheless, apart from the lack of a bibliography, this is an excellent collection of essays combining practical experience and academic analysis. It rightly emphasizes the sorts of novel approaches which diplomat and statesmen must take up if arms control is going to contribute to regional stability and to discourage horizontal proliferation." The Journal of Strategic Studies - "Arms Control: New Approaches to Theory and Policy" is a valuable and timely addition to the literature on the topic...It is essential reading for all interested in the future of arms control and disarmament." Trust and Verify, No 89, Feb 2000 "Well informed and thought-provoking essays. ... Rather than organising the book around specific arms control regimes, this volume adopts a fresh approach and looks at the problems that cut across different areas.
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