Digital Freedom: How Much Can You Handle?

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In Digital Freedom, N. D. Batra explores the tension between the boundlessness of the Internet and the boundaries of the marketplace, as well as the resulting impact on human expression, privacy, and social controls. Batra's thought-provoking book looks at these issues including surveillance, intellectual property, and copyright from the perspective of an evolutionary, self-organizing social system. This system both creates and assimilates innovations and, in the process, undergoes reorganization and renewal. Above all, Digital Freedom is an exploration of and meditation on the question: How much freedom does a person need?


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 1 Scanning Digital Horizons Chapter 3 2 Changing View of Privacy Chapter 4 3 Surveillance in Cyberspace Chapter 5 4 How the Marketplace Shapes Creativity Chapter 6 5 Free Expression in the Digital Age Chapter 7 6 Conclusion


N. D. Batra, the author of A Self-Renewing Society and The Hour of Television, is professor of communications at Norwich University, where he teaches media law, ethics, television criticism, and new media and the Internet. He also teaches corporate diplomacy in the graduate program in diplomacy at Norwich University and writes a weekly column, Cyber Age, for The Statesman.


Recommended. CHOICE, Vol. 45 No. 6 (February 2008) Digital Freedom is a breath of fresh air in the debate over the Internet as salvation versus doom. N. D. Batra asks the right questions of the digital age by focusing on what it means to be human in a technology-driven global world. The book is highly accessible to people on all levels including neo-Luddites and Techno-utopians. -- Susan B. Barnes, Rochester Institute of Technology; author, Online Connections
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