Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

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September 2003



The audience peers into the goldfish bowl of dysfunction with acute recognition. Cast of 3 women and 2 men.


Morris PanychPlaywright, actor and director Morris Panych has been described as "a man for all seasons in Canadian theatre." He has appeared in over 50 theatre productions and in numerous television and film roles. He has directed over 30 theatre productions and written over a dozen plays that have been translated and produced throughout the world. He has twice won the Governor General's Award and has won the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award 14 times for acting and directing. He has also been nominated six times for Toronto's Dora Mavor Moore Award and three times for the Chalmers Award. His classic "7 Stories" ranks 9th among the ten best selling plays in Canada, outselling the Coles version of "Romeo & Juliet."
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