Quinta Essentia - The Five Elements

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"The Quinta Essentia" is the elusive fifth element which creates the stage for the more familiar astrological elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth to be expressed. To discover and truly understand the essential self one must explore the unique combination of all the elements as they play through life.


Acknowledgements Introduction - In Your Element Spirit of Air Spirit of Fire Spirit of Water Spirit of Water The Elusive Fifth Element - Ether Elementary Dear Watson A Humorous look at the Elements


Morag Campbell is an experienced Polarity Therapist, an International Polarity Educator and nature mystic. She is co-director of MasterWorks International, a training consultancy for Polarity Therapy and Hawaiian Huna based in the South West of England.


"In Quinta-Essentia Ms. Campbell has created a text which brings the five elements into our lives on a deep and personal level. She discusses intellectual concepts as well as intuitive language which arises from the elements. The title, Quinta-Essentia, comes from Alchemy and means the mixing bowl for the five elements through which we obtain knowledge of essence or the Philosophers Stone." John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, Presidient of The American Polarity Therapy Association
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