Narrating the New Predictive Genetics: Ethics, Ethnography and Science

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Februar 2005



This work explores the way changes in technology have affected the relationship between ethics and medicine, generating new approaches to ethical issues and the implications of medical practice. Drawing on extensive ethnographic research with families affected by Huntington's Disease, Monica Konrad explores the huge disparity between the experience of living with the results of genetic testing and the knowledge and expertise to develop policy, clinical services and support.


Part I. Ethnography as Linkage Map: 1. Thinking futures; 2. Approaching translocations; Part II. 'Home Truths': 3. Foretelling foreknowledge; 4. Tracing genealogies of non-disclosure; Part III. Relational Ethics in Practice: 5. Reproducing exclusion; 6. Relinquishing exclusion; 7. Conclusion; Appendix.


Monica Konrad is Fellow of Girton College and Research Associate at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge. Her recent publications address the relevance of contemporary anthropology for global governance in science, international bioethics, and interdisciplinary studies.


"Narrating the New Predictive Genetics makes an original and important contribution to current scholarship on geneticisation by expanding the normative definition of bioethics beyond rules and principles to illuminate the relational ethics involved in HD decision-making. Refreshingly self-reflexive Konrad combines anthropological insight into kinship and morality with bioethics and shows how the social and natural sciences might well converge to help produce better policy rooted in how individuals and families really respond to genetic information, rather than assumptions about what their reactions will or ought to be.- Candian Journal of Sociology Online, Shelley Z. Reuter, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University
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