Mountains of Treasure in the Blue Ridge: An Anthology of Poetry and Short Stories by Mona R. Adams

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Mona R. Adams was born in Hinton, Virginia, to Margaret Ruth Barker-Frye and James P. Barker. Her mother was the daughter of a German descendent named Harry Shuler from Erie, Pennsylvania, and an Irish mother named Lilly M. Shifflett from Harrisonburg, VA. They settled in Winchester where the author called home during her childhood. Ms. Adams married and moved to West Virginia, where she resides. Dedicating her love for writing to children and others, she continued her own education and earned a degree in business and furthered education in the field of the arts. She devoted time to literature and writing while battling breast cancer. Although the author had written many times in her youth, she never thought of compiling her works into a published book. A great storyteller and a loving soul, the author reaches deep into her heart with her new seasons of the heart of short stories and poetry in the book Mountains of Treasure in the Blue Ridge.

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