Public Policies for Environmental Protection

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August 2000



The first edition of Public Policies for Environmental Protection contributed significantly to the incorporation of economic analysis in the study of environmental policy. Fully revised to account for changes in the institutional, legal, and regulatory framework of environmental policy, the second edition features updated chapters on the EPA and federal regulation, air and water pollution policy, and hazardous and toxic substances. It includes entirely new chapters on market-based environmental policies, global climate change, solid waste, and, for the first time, coverage of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Portney, Stavins, and their contributors provide an invaluable resource for researchers, policymakers, industry professionals, and journalists---anyone who needs up-to-date information on U.S. environmental policy. With their careful explanation of policy alternatives, the authors provide an ideal book for students in courses about environmental economics or environmental politics.


1. Introduction Paul R. Portney and Robert N. Stavins 2. EPA and the Evolution of Federal Regulation Paul R. Portney 3. Market-Based Environmental Policies Robert N. Stavins 4. Air Pollution Policy Paul R. Portney 5. Climate Change Policy Michael A. Toman and Jason F. Shogren 6. Water Pollution Policy A. Myrick Freeman III 7. Hazardous Wastes and Toxic Substances Policies Hilary Sigman 8. Solid Waste Policy Molly K. Macauley and Margaret Walls


Paul R. Portney is president and a senior fellow of Resources for the Future. He is the author, editor, or coeditor of several books, including Discounting and Intergenerational Equity and Footing the Bill for Superfund Cleanups: Who Pays and How? Robert N. Stavins is the Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government and faculty chair of the Environment and Natural Resources Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He is also chair of the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee of the EPA's Science Advisory Board. His recent publications include Economics and the Environment: Selected Readings.


'Offers the best available introduction to the different areas of EPA policy. The second edition provides a wealth of entirely new policy perspectives that will be essential reading for courses in environmental economics and policy.' W. Kip Viscusi, Harvard Law School
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