Chasing Twilight

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Chasing Twilight is the story of a flash fire love that initiates the characters into the nuances of sacred relationship. It is a dialogue between lovers who have the wisdom to witness the process of relationship and the unfolding of awareness as love raises consciousness. As the second book of a trilogy, Chasing Twilight follows the character through her courageous journey as she learns to let go of her fears and embrace life and love to maximum capacity. The first book in the trilogy, Remember Me, portrays the Mary Margaret character as a woman on the brink of a spiritual awakening, who allows life to overcome her by looking externally for self realization. The third book in the trilogy, yet to be released, is the story of twin flame love as depicted in every cultural mythology since Isis and Osiris. Shadow Dancing is a glimpse into the journey of spirit that allows infinite depth to the intimacy of sacred relationship.

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