Hispanisms & Homosexualities-P

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Oktober 1998



A collection of essays addressing gay/lesbian identities and practices in relation to Spanish/Latin American literatures and cultures.


Sylvia Molloy is the Albert Schweitzer Professor of Humanities at New York University. She is the author of numerous books including "Signs of Borges," also published by Duke University Press.Robert Irwin is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Tulane University.


"A collection of essays that makes compelling reading on many previously unexplored Hispanic aspects of gay and lesbian scholarship... The contributions are both thoughtful and rigorous, bearing witness to the multiplicity of homosexual meanings and experiences in the Hispanic world, successfully covering aspects that are rarely debated and expanding upon the concept of identity politics."--British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, April 2001 "This is a fascinating collection of essays covering different aspects of current lesbian and gay scholarship in the area of Hispanic studies... It would be impossible to do justice in this short space to the complexity and richness of the essays included in this important collection ... To its academic rigour and theoretical sophistication the collection offers distinctively queer insights on a number of previously unexplored areas both within and without the cannon of Hispanic studies. Moreover, its thoughtful and often disquieting reflections on 'identity politics', as the editors argue, serve to destabilise univocal constructions of mainstream homosexuality, which may be as disquieting to the resistant reader of traditional Hispanisms as it is for queer Hispanists."--Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, July 2000
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