The Seventh Telling: The Kabbalah of Moeshe Kapan

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Januar 2002



"The Seventh Telling" is a journey into the Kabbalah, a spiritual discipline hidden within the folds of Jewish history. Stephanie and Sidney have been studying with Moshe Katan, a kabbalist who shared his learning only when he perceived that a kabbalistic intervention might be necessary to save the life of Rivkah, his wife. What has happened to Moshe and Rivkah we do not know, only that their house is now being used for an extraordinary storytelling, a spiritual discipline to share with those willing to risk examining the very core of their beliefs.


Mitchell Chefitz, founder and director of The Havurah of South Florida, teaches at Havurah institutes and rabbinic conferences, and has edited a nationally syndicated weekly Torah Column. He lives in Pinecrest, Florida.
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