Meditations to Empower Your Soul

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Meditations to Empower Your Soul contains spiritual laws intended for everyday application and are absolutely demonstrable in everyday living. These universal truths, free of dogma, transcend all religious differences and only serve to strengthen ones faith. They are also free from being shrouded in a fog of verbiage, making them attractive to the busy person seeking spiritual growth and personal freedom from inner conflict. You are guided on an uplifting and safe spiritual path through sixty-one succinct essays which elucidate the constant power struggle between the personality and the soul. The personality is an energy tool designed by the Great Architect to serve the soul. It was not intended that the personality struggle to reign supreme over the soul. By becoming aware of and gaining an understanding of the dynamics of this struggle, you learn how to consciously deal with it in a practical way, which empowers your soul. These reflective essays teach you a simple system of balancing the energies of the mind/personality with the energies of the soul. What you understand, you have the choice to control.

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