Patient Care Skills

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August 2013



For courses in basic patient care in physical therapy and other health care programs.

Both an ideal resource for those entering healthcare and an excellent professional reference, Patient Care Skills, Seventh Edition helps readers learn both specific procedures and general rules of good body mechanics, patient handling, and safety. Extensively updated to reflect the latest best practices in patient care, communication, and documentation, this full-color book delivers clear, accurate, readable information through engaging photographs and simple text. Coverage includes: patient positioning and transfer, vital signs, aseptic techniques, and much more. For each procedure presented, step-by-step illustrations are accompanied by brief written explanations. Since procedures are built around illustrations, less text is required, and students can immediately see if they are performing the correct steps in the correct sequence.


Preface 1. Introduction to Patient Care 2. Communication and Patient/Client Management Process 3. Preparation for Patient Care 4. Aseptic Techniques 5. Vital Signs 6. Wheelchairs 7. Turning and Positioning 8. Range of Motion Exercises 9. Transfer Activities 10. Ambulation with Ambulatory Assistive Devices Appendix. ADA Requirements Glossary Glossary of Abbreviations
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