Taking Time

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November 1998



How flexible is the American workplace in supporting the family needs of employees, when it involves the temporary loss of their labor?


Acknowledgments 1. Workplace Culture and Parental Leave Policy 2. Why Is Parental Leave Needed? 3. The Decision to Take time 4. Taking Time: Being Out on Leave 5. Return to the Job 6. From Taking Time to Making Time: Defining Strategies for Change 7. Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index


"In her highly readable study of parental leave at a 'best practices' company, Mindy Fried gives us a multi-faceted picture of life for working parents who take parental leave, their co-workers, managers and others. Her eyes are open to the problems but she is looking for the solutions. It's 'must reading.'" --Arlie Hochschild, author of The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work "Corporate executives who are at all serious about creating family-friendly policies need to curl up with this book tonight. They will learn from this study how workplace culture affects the assumptions and practices of parental leave policy and those who use it. More importantly, they will be provoked and challenged to implement the whole array of work life benefits needed to create family-friendly corporations." --Bradley Googins, Director, Center for Corporate Community Relations, Boston College "One of the most astute analyses of corporate culture available today and a vivid and compelling story that shows how even the best of companies struggles to make good on its family-friendly policies. If employees and managers are to develop collaborative ways of transforming workplace cultures, then innovators and policymakers will have to confront the questions that this book so profoundly raises." --Carmen Sirianni, Brandeis University
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