Shifting Gears

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That 1977 banana-yellow VW camper bus just sat there facing the road looking out at us as if asking, "What took you so long?" She was beautiful in all of her dusty, rusty "I've seen better days" splendor. We had talked for the past year about buying an old VW camper bus. "To see the world," we told the kids. But unlike so many things that we just talked about, this time it seemed we were going to actually do it.
After a tumultuous year that turned their lives upside down due to a near fatal illness, looming foreclosure and loss of work due to the recession and housing collapse, Shifting Gears tells how one family chose to deal with the cards that life had dealt them in a positive and uplifting way.
So begins the true story of a family's decision to embark on a grand odyssey and take off on a three month adventure around the United States. Amidst trials and tribulations, one too many vehicle breakdowns, and a lot of good memories sandwiched in between, readers will find Shifting Gears to be a humorous, heartfelt and inspiring journey of rediscovering what is truly important in life.

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