Foundations of Audiology: A Practical Approach

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Juli 2007



"Fundamentals of Audiology" is a concise alternative that presents the basic aspects of audiology and audiometry in one streamlined resource. Ideal for practitioners in speech-language pathology, nursing, or other health care professions, this new book provides a review of the audiology profession, the basics of sound, coverage of normal hearing function, and the causes and effects of hearing loss. With over 100 figures, pictures, and graphs, it provides a thorough explanation of audiometry, screening programs, and special procedures for difficult-to-test populations. A separate chapter summarizing rehabilitation and approaches to intervention is also included.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Audiology Chapter 2. People with Hearing Loss Chapter 3. Basic Acoustical and Psychophysical Concepts Chapter 4. The Hearing Mechanism Chapter 5. Disorders of the Ear Chapter 6. Characteristics of Hearing Impairment Chapter 7. Audiometric Evaluation Chapter 8. Electrophysiologic Assessment Chapter 9. Assessing Special Populations Chapter 10. Hearing Screening Chapter 11. Hearing Rehabilitation
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