Medical Meeting

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Dr. Henry Baker and his wife, Liz, have spent twelve years developing a cure for tuberculosis. Working at a lab in their home, they have persisted without adequate funding and assistance, sacrificing new clothes and vacations to make their contribution to humanity. Tests have so far proved very encouraging. At the beginning of "Medical Meeting" they are ready to announce their discovery at a convention in Chicago. What promises to be a reward for years of work, a great moment to savor, turns into a disaster, professionally and possibly personally.


Mildred Walker's quiet realism and psychological subtlety distinguish novels as diverse as "Winter Wheat" and "Dr. Norton's Wife," both available as Bison Books. Robert Giroux is a partner in the publishing firm of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. He has worked with many eminent authors and has written books on Shakespeare's sonnets and on the unsolved murder of a Hollywood director in "A Deed of Death."


"People who wail 'I don't see any reason why doctors don't discover a cure for ----' would do well to read "Medical Meeting," Mildred Walker's quiet, tragic novel of a young research scientist and his wife is a penetrating account of one of the major reasons [for failure]."--"New York Times"
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