Teacher Learning: New Policies, New Practices

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Januar 1996



This text offers a contemporary focus on staff development, taking a fresh look at practice and policy on the basis of the most recent developments on teacher learning. The contributors, along with editors Milbrey W. McLaughlin and Ida Oberman, draw on insights of both practitioner researchers and academics. Individual chapters examine the challenges and nature of professional development by exploring specific contexts, such as those involving school/university partnerships, secondary/higher education, collaborations, and inner-city settings. Taken together, the chapters represent a research agenda for framing professional development in the multi-faceted contexts of teachers' daily practice. The book closes with a critical examination of what needs to happen in the policy enviornment for the new professional development practices to become widely implemented.


New Perspectives on Practice; A New Lens on Traditional Roles; New Structures for Learning and Change; New Roles for Traditonal Structures; An Emergent Paradigm for Practice and Policy.
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