Regime Unchanged: Why the War in Iraq Changed Nothing

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Oktober 2003



This work dissects official propaganda to argue that public support for the war on Iraq was secured through lies and distortions. Two crucial distortions involved misrepresenting the UN Resolutions on Iraq, and lying about the position of President Chirac in the weeks before the war. The author of the popular "Arrow Anti-War Briefings" also reveals that the British Government was forced to frantically draw up contingency plans to withdraw from the invasion force only days before the war began, in large part because of the power of the global anti-war movement.


Acknowledgements Map Echoing Voices Introduction: Tony Blair Wobbled-We Nearly Derailed The War 1. Argument Over-The War Was Wrong 2. 'Regime Change'-A Prior Commitment 3. First Strike-The February 2001 Bombing Of Baghdad 4. Sickly Inhibitions-The Political Significance Of 11 September 5. George Bush Lied-Misconnecting Iraq, WMD And Terrorism 6. The First Ultimatum-The Five Demands 7. Disaster Strikes-Iraq Accepts The Weapons Inspectors 8. The Minefield-Resolution 1441: Designed To Be Refused 9. No Smoke, No Gun-No Evidence Discovered 10. Colin Powell Lied-Turning On The Inspectors 11. Inspection Was An Option-Qualitative Disarmament 12. Blitzing Dr Blix-UNMOVIC Resists 13. The Censored Document-Destroying The Inspectors 14. Authority And Power-US-UK Versus The UN 15. Regime Reloaded-Re-Nazifying Iraq 16. Hitler Won-False De-Nazification 17. Coup d'Etat-The US Wanted A Coup 18. Why 'Regime Stabilization'?-Turkey and Saudi Arabia Need Saddamism 19. Crushing the Resistance-After WWII: Betraying The Anti-Fascists 20. Regime Revolutions-De-Ba'athification? 21. Shia Power-A Looming Confrontation With The People Of Iraq 22. Sunni Rage-After Falluja 23. Capitalism's War 24. Regime Unchanged Postscript-What Would You Have Done? Notes Contributor Notes Index


Milan Rai founded the British branch of Voices in the Wilderness and co-founded the anti-war group ARROW, a London-based direct action and anti-war information group. His two previous books are War Plan Iraq and Chomsky's Politics. In 1993 he was awarded the Frank Cousins Peace Award for Research by the Transport and General Workers' Union.


"This is a magnificent exposi of the lies that propelled the criminal attack on Iraq." -- John Pilger"As the controversy over the war and its aftermath deepens, this is an immediate, detailed and illuminating analysis that bri ngs together a remarkable range of material. Milan Rai does us all a service by providing so much of the evidence that is fuelling that controversy." -- Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies, Bradford University, UK."Milan Rai is one of the wisest war resisters of our time ... Now more than ever, we rely on his reasoning and integrity." -- Kathy Kelly, Cofounder, Voices in the Wilderness, USPraise for War Plan Iraq: "It explains why Bush's war against Iraq has little to do with Saddam's tyranny and everything to do with Washington's infinite greed for oil and power." -- Mike Davis "The clearest and most persuasive explanation of the reasons not to go to war with Iraq that anyone could wish for." -- George Monbiot
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