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Be prepared for your CIMA Managerial Level Studies CIMA Managerial Studies brings you quickly and thoroughly up to speed for your Managerial Level studies by covering the key components of the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. CIMA tutor and author, Mike Rogers, explores the areas that are most problematic for students who are embarking on Managerial Level studies without having first completed the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and provides the relevant information.With summaries of key theory and a self-test Question and Answer section at the end of each chapter, this book is an essential addition to the CIMA Official Learning systems and Exam Practice Kits.Check out Mike Rogers' blog (, for frequently updated information on the accounting and audit aspects of your managerial studies including changes to current International Financial Reporting Standards. -IFRS -Corporate Governance -Financial reporting -Business Maths


'I have come to the Managerial Level via the AAT and am a classic example of why this book is written. The CIMA standards are so much harder and more challenging and I was not prepared for them. Future students will certainly be better prepared as a result of this text.' ANN GUTHRIDGE (Sussex) 'The author has had to tackle a very difficult job preparing students for the CIMA Managerial Level, who have not achieved the Certificate in Business Accounting. Classroom experience has shown where the main areas of weakness lie and it is creditable that these areas have been tackled and presented in such a comprehensive way.' LINDA ROE (Basingstoke)
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