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A thoroughly updated version of the successful first edition with a new chapter on Real-Time PCR, more prokaryotic applications, and more detail in the complex mutagenesis sections. Information on PCR applications in genomics and proteomics have been expanded and integrated throughout the text. There is also advice on available products and specific pointers to the most appropriate methods. As with the first edition, this will be an ideal practical introduction and invaluable guide to PCR and its applications.


1. An Introduction to PCR 2. Understanding PCR 3. Reagents and Instrumentation 4. Optimization of PCR 5. Analysis, Sequencing and in vitro Expression of PCR Products 6. Purification and Cloning of PCR Products 7. PCR Mutagenesis 8. Analysis of Gene Expression 9. Cloning Genes by PCR 10. Genome Analysis


Dr. Simon Moller, Department of Biology, University of Leicester, UK Professor Michael McPherson, School of Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Leeds, UK


'This book provides an introduction for those new to PCR, but it is also a valuable tool for the more experienced individuals. The book introduces a range of PCR applications, allowing the reader to understand their specific requirements in greater detail.' - Clinical Laboratory International (CLI)
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