Social Darwinism in European and American Thought, 1860 1945: Nature as Model and Nature as Threat

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November 2003



This original and wide-ranging study clarifies the meaning of Social Darwinism and demonstrates its relevance through a study of European and American social and political thinkers. It is the only study of Social Darwinism that combines the study of individual thinkers with the distinctive ideological themes (e.g., eugenics) and does so in a comprehensive historical and comparative framework. A wide spectrum of academic readers will enjoy Dr. Hawkins' lucid and subtle analysis and find it a useful guide through a difficult and complex subject.


Acknowledgements; Part I. Defining Social Darwinism: Introduction: the identity of Social Darwinism; 1. Defining Social Darwinism; 2. The distinctiveness of Social Darwinism; Part II. Pioneers: 3. The emergence of Social Darwinism; 4. Herbert Spencer and cosmic evolution; 5. Social Darwinism in the USA; 6. Social Darwinism in France and Germany; Part III. Case Studies: 7. Reform Darwinism; 8. Races, nations and the struggle for existence; 9. The eugenic conscience; 10. Social Darwinism, nature and sexual difference; 11. Nazism, Fascism and Social Darwinism; Postscript: Social Darwinism old and new: the case of sociobiology; Bibliography.


'Hawkins's important and ambitious book aims to show the profound adaptability of social Darwinism ...' Contemporary European History
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