His 'n' Hers

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This was my first read of a Mike Gayle novel and I was impressed. Author Mike Gayle has a crafty gift for character development and story telling. The book drew me in so much that I finished it in a few hours on a cross-country flight! It is a shame that it sat on my shelf for so many months before I got to it. In this novel that is set in the U.K., we follow two love birds Jim and Alison through a friendship, romance and break-up as they each tell their own side of the story. Jim and Allison first meet at a party for freshers (beginning university students). Mike Gayle captures both the male and female voices perfectly and fashions a tale that has you vacillating between feeling for Alison, while still wishing Jim well. Brought back together by the death of a jointly shared cat, Jim and Alison have both gone on with their lives, but are driven to reflect on their relationship and its demise.


Previously an Agony Uncle, Mike Gayle is a freelance journalist who has contributed to a variety of magazines including FHM, Sunday Times Style and Cosmopolitan. He is the author of four previous novels, the bestselling MY LEGENDARY GIRLFRIEND, MR COMMITMENT, TURNING THIRTY and DINNER FOR TWO.


'If you've ever been in a relationship and wondered what the other person was thinking, you'll find this a warm, refreshingly honest and utterly compelling read' Heat on HIS N HERS 20050426 'The male Bridget Jones' - Express 20050426 'Full of belly-laughs and painfully acute observations' - Independent on Sunday on MY LEGENDARY GIRLFRIEND 20050426 'Something near to mid-period Woody Allen...funny and clever...refreshing to find a male writer working in this genre' - Guardian on MR COMMITMENT 20050426 'A warm, funny romantic comedy' - Daily Mail on TURNING THIRTY 20050426 'Ever wished you could see into the male mind? Here's your chance ... Insightful and hugely witty.' Cosmopolitan on HIS 'N' HERS 20050201
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