Bitter Sweet

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Juni 2005



When Prince Charming turns out to be a lying, murdering cheat, what can a princess with only plantwise magic do?

At Princess Vevina's christening, she was betrothed to Prince Fallon and received plantwise magic as a gift. To a nation of farmers, that was the best gift of all.

Prince Fallon's people were merchants and he disdained a princess who preferred to be barefoot and up to her elbows in dirt. Vevina's plantwise magic seemed useless against a prince who lied and used his charm to get whatever he wanted, no matter who he hurt.

What can a princess do when Prince Charming isn't?

Seeking justice, Vevina learned that using her enemy's tactics could only lead to disaster, and revenge was a dish best served...not cold, but by someone else.
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Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2005
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