The Anorexia Workbook

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Foreword by Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D., founder of ACT


Michelle Heffner, MA, was trained in the West Virginia University Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry eating disorders program. She has assessed and treated eating disorder clients in the West Virginia University Department of Psychology clinic and the West Virginia University Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services.Georg H. Eifert, Ph.D., is professor and chair of the department of psychology at Chapman University in Orange, CA. He was ranked among the top thirty researchers in behavior analysis and therapy in the 1990s, and he has authored over 100 publications on psychological causes and treatments of anxiety and other emotional disorders. He is a clinical fellow of the Behavior Therapy and Research Society, a member of numerous national and international psychological associations, and he serves on several editorial boards of leading clinical psychology journals. He is also a licensed clinical psychologist. He is coauthor of "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety Disorders" and "ACT on Life, Not on Anger."


"Michelle Heffner and Georg Eifert have done a wonderful job in applying ACT to anorexia. I believe that the practical exercises and advice in this book can certainly help people who want their lives no longer be ruled by anorexia. In particular, this book offers an avenue of hope and encouragement that is not only ultimately humane but completely different from other scientifically-driven approaches to the problem of anorexia. I have no doubt that it will transform the lives of many people."
--Frank W. Bond, Ph.D., senior lecturer of psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London
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