Democracy and the State

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Dezember 1998



This book charts the progress of the United Kingdom towards a modern democracy and looks at the changing role of the state from 1830 to 1945.


1. The Great Reform Act and the reformed electoral system, 1830-1867; 2. The extension of the franchise and its results,1867-1914; 3. The apparent achievement of democracy; 4. Power in the state; 5. The rule of the state, 1830-1867 - an age of laissez faire?; 6. The interventionist state, 1867-1914; 7. The growth of corporatism and welfare provision, 1914-1945; Conclusion; Select bibliography; Chronology; Index.
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Untertitel: 1830-1945. 'Cambridge perspectives in history'. 1 colour book. Sprache: Englisch.
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