A Struggle for Holy Ground: Reconciliation and the Rites of Parish Closure

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August 2004



The consolidation and closure of parishes across the United States has become a fact of contemporary Catholic urban life. Responding to such an event is often traumatic. How do lay leaders allow their parish to heal when an approved ritual format does not exist? Through the voice of local diocesan offices, Michael Weldon, O.F.M., has created a guide to the reconciliation process and the rites of parish closures in "A Struggle for Holy Ground. Composed of thirty-five interviews conducted from participants in the 1990 consolidation of ten parishes in Chicago's Englewood and participants in the 1995 San Francisco consolidation after the 1989 earthquake, "A Struggle for Holy Ground offers a study for any parish leader to use as a reference when facing such a conflicted issue. This work explores the roles of ritual and pastoral care and proposes a series of new rites: group reconciliation, atonement, lament, leave-taking, memorial, and inauguration, based on the personal experience of those involved in parish restructurings.


Michael Weldon, O.F.M., D. Min., of Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, Arizona, is also an instructor in pastoral theology at Phoenix's Kino Institute and the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, California.
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