Tears of Eternity

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Tears From Eternity is a compilation of emotions, feelings and day and night trips to and from the past to the present. Elements of the book will make the reader say, "I have felt those same emotions, maybe for different reasons, but the feelings were there." This is a psychological and emotional cleansing of the mind brought on by the greeting the author received everywhere he went, starting at home. "No one wanted to Hear, People didn't want to hear our stories, our trips through our own personal hell." This was the authors Catharsis process, his own way of healing. As he says, "I shed no tear for ten years; I spoke no words of my trip." The book is his trip back to the world. The world we live in now. Many readers will relate to the emotions, and the author hopes that many of the readers, who are still making that nightly trip out beyond the wire, will be able to send in their final Sit-Rep, and start their own Catharsis trip to inner peace.
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