Mormon Essays: Science and Mormonism, a Study of Harmony and Conflict; Joseph Smith and Science: The Methodist Connection; The Book o

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The essays contained in this volume were composed as lectures throughout the 1980's. The studies on science and Mormonism and the House of Israel are the work of Michael T. Walton. The analysis of the Book of Abraham is a joint composition of Phyllis J. Walton and Michael T. Walton. They were never intended as definitive studies, rather as encouragements to scholars to look at certain issues and patterns of facts. They were well received at the time of delivery. They are noted from time to time in scholarly works and listed on internet search engines and book lists. Because they have been cited and because they are listed as our work, we were concerned that they were not readily available for consultation. We have also taken the opportunity to correct some, but not all, spelling and grammatical errors, clarify certain comments, and, very occasionally, add information. They remain, however, a product of their time and do not reflect current scholarship.

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