Institutions of Modern Spain: A Political and Economic Guide

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Januar 1997



This book provides a comprehensive guide to Spain's major political and economic institutions, analysing their role, structure and functions, as well as their relationship to each other.


1. Introduction; 2. The Constitution of 1978; 3. The monarchy; 4. Parliament; 5. Central government; 6. Central administration; 7. Regional government and administration; 8. Local administration; 9. Public sector enterprises; 10. Political parties; 11. Trade unions; 12. Business and professional organisations; 13. Financial institutions; 14. The judiciary; 15. Spain and Europe; 16. Conclusion.


"Drawing on their expert knowledge as professors of Spanish and of economic-political studies, and specialists on Spain, the authors have enriched the detailed descriptive material with perceptive insights and interpretations." P. Vannicelli, Choice "Newton and Donaghy's work serves as a reference source that list and describes the main institutional framework of the post-Franco era...scholars specializing in the institutional aspects of European Studies are likely to find all the information they require in this reference work." Review of Radical Political Economics
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