The Chemistry of Fireworks

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November 2008



This book, a fully revised, extended and updated second edition explores the chemistry and physics behind the art of pyrotechnics.


Historical Introduction; The Characteristics of Black Powder; Rockets; Mines and Shells; Fountains; Sparklers; Bangers; Roman Candles; Gerbs and Wheels; Special Effects; Fireworks Safety; Fireworks Legislation; Subject Index.


Michael S Russell is a Chartered Chemist and a member of the RSC. His experience lies in the design of pyrotechnic devices mainly for fire or explosion suppression or military applications. He acts as a Consultant for explosives safety and safety training courses. He has also developed pyrotechnics, smokes, flares, rockets and gas generators.


"The history of the English Firework fascinating and I would have really liked to have read more." "This book is very well produced and it will be a worthy addition to my collection of books on firworks. I shall use it as a reference book for many years and recommend it to my students and library." -- Materials Today Materials Today
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