Theatre in the Victorian Age

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Juli 1991



This book examines all major aspects of theatre practice and dramatic literature of the Victorian period. Michael Booth's comprehensive survey explores the social and cultural context of the theatre including theatre management, the audience, architecture and production methods, acting and the job of actor as well as the drama itself.


Foreword; List of illustrations; 1. Theatre and society; 2. Management; 3. Playhouse and production; 4. The actor; 5. Dramatists and the drama; Sources; Chronology.


"Booth's extensive knowledge of the field is evident throughout; he organizes a great amount of interesting information, and recounts it in a relaxed, conversational style." Essays in Theatre "Booth's latest contribution to the field is both fascinating and authoritative... Both [Booth's book and Stephens's book, The Profession of the Playwright: British Theatre 1800-1900] will come to occupy well-deserved places as standard works of nineteenth-century social and theatre history." Victorian Studies
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Untertitel: 24 illustrations, chronology, references. Sprache: Englisch.
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