The Songs of Septimus Winner

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BDCulled from the original sheet music publications and presented unedited, this volume explores twenty-two of Winner's best loved songs including 'Ten Little Injuns,' 'Whispering Hope,' 'Listen to the Mocking Bird,' 'The Deitscher's Dog', and 'Give Us Back Our Old Commander


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 Foreword Chapter 3 Introduction Part 4 1. The Popular Ballads Chapter 5 "How Sweet Are the Roses?" (1853) Chapter 6 "What Is Home without a Mother?" (1854) Chapter 7 "Our Good Old Friends" (1855) Chapter 8 "Listen to the Mocking Bird" (1856) Chapter 9 "Whispering Hope" (1868) Chapter 10 "Gone Where the Woodbine Twineth" (1870) Chapter 11 "The Bow in the Cloud" (1874) Part 12 2. The Civil War Songs Chapter 13 "Abraham's Daughter (Raw Recruits)" (1861) Chapter 14 "Ellie Rhee (Carry Me Back to Tennessee)" (1863) Chapter 15 "Give Us Back Our Old Commander, Little Mac, The People's Pride" (1863) Chapter 16 "Yes, I Would the War Were Over" (1863) Part 17 3. The Concert Songs Chapter 18 "Isabel, Lost Isabel" (1863) Chapter 19 "Resugam" (1871) Chapter 20 "Wherefore?" (1875) Chapter 21 "Gay as a Lark (Canzonetta)" (1876) Chapter 22 "The Robin's Roundelay" (1882) Part 23 4. Children's and Comic Songs Chapter 24 "Der Deitcher's Dog" (1864) Chapter 25 "The Song of Jokes" (1864) Chapter 26 "Ten Little Injuns" (1868) Part 27 5. Topical Songs Chapter 28 "That Little Church Around the Corner" (1871) Chapter 29 "Out of Work" (1877) Chapter 30 "God Save Our President" (1881) Chapter 31 Appendix: Alphabetical Listing of Songs Chapter 32 Bibliography Chapter 33 Index Chapter 34 About the Author


Michael K. Remson is a composer, librettist, and musicologist. He is Managing Director of the Summer Music Conservatory of the American Festival for the Arts, Houston, and served as chair of the Department of Composition, Music Theory, and Music History. He has written several articles and presented on Septimus Winner at national conferences.


...well-written and fascinating look into one of the odd figures in American popular song. -- Nikos Pappas American Music, Winter 2004
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