A General Theory of Crime

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März 1990



By articulating a general theory of crime and related behaviour, this book presents a comprehensive statement of what the criminological enterprise should be about. It argues that prevalent academic criminology has been unable to provide believable explanations of criminal behaviour.


Preface; Part I. Crime: 1. Classical theory and the idea of crime; 2. The nature of crime; Part II. Criminality: 3. Biological positivism; 4. Psychological, economic, and sociological positivism; 5. The nature of criminality: low self-control; Part II. Applications of the Theory: 6. Criminal events and individual propensities: age, gender, and race; 7. The social consequences of low self-control; 8. Culture and crime; 9. White-collar crime; 10. Organization and crime; Part IV. Research and Policy: 11. Research design and measurement; 12. Implications for public policy; Index.


'A remarkable book that will attract a great deal of attention within and beyond the criminological community. It is stunning in its sweep and significance. Because the book rejects a narrow disciplinary approach, it should experience a wide reading across social science disciplines and in law, and it sets an agenda that few will be able to ignore. This book is one of the most important contributions to criminology in years.'John Hagan, University of Toronto
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