The Central Republic in Mexico, 1835 1846: 'Hombres de Bien' in the Age of Santa Anna

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Costeloe explores the characters of the political leaders who decided to abandon federalism, the policies they introduced, the pressures they faced, and their failure to bring about political and economic stability.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. An introduction; 2. The end of federalism; 3. The transition to centralism: stage I; 4. The transition to centralism: stage II; 5. Las Siete Leyes; 6. Anastasio Bustamante and the centralist republic, 1837-1839; 7. Santa Anna versus Bustamante: the end of the Siete Leyes, 1839-1841; 8. 'La dictadur disfrazada con el hermoso nombre de regeneracion politica'; 9. Santa Anna and the Bases Organicas; 10. 'La revolucion de tres horas'; 11. Herrera and the rise of Paredes y Arrillaga; 12. Hombres de bien and the restoration of federalism; Conclusion; Sources and works cited.


"Casteloe has written the most comrehensive study in English of a very turbulent era of Mexican history." Social & Behavioral Sciences "In contrast to Hernandez's broad interpretive work, Michael Costeloe's The Central Republic of Mexico, 1835-1846: Hombres de Bien and the Age of Santa Anna is tightly woven empirical study of events and personages during the decade of Mexico's first experiment with centrslist-style government." Latin American research
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