Philosophy, Religion and the Spiritual Life

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Explores such topics as the nature of selfhood, non-conceptual awareness, and the nature of love and its relation to attention.


Introduction Michael McGhee; 1. Philosophy and religion in the thought of Kierkegaard Michael Weston; 2. De Consolatione Philosophiae John Haldane; 3. The real or the Real? Chardin or Rothco Anthony O'Hear; 4. Love and attention Janet Martin Soskice; 5. Descartes' debt to Augustine Stephen R. L. Clark; 6. Visions of the self in late Medieval Christianity: some cross-disciplinary reflections Sarah Coakley; 7. Refined and crass supernaturalism R. L .S. Sprigge; 8. Religious imagination Ronald W. Hepburn; 9. Moral values as religious absolutes James P. Mackey; 10. Revealing the scapegoat mechanism: Christianity after Girard Fergus Kerr; 11. Philosophy vs. mysticism: an Islamic controversy Oliver Leaman; 12. Non-conceptuality, critical reasoning and religious experience: some Tibetan Buddhist discussions Paul Williams; 13. 'Know Thyself': what kind of an injunction? Rowan Williams; 14. Facing truths: ethics and the spiritual life Michael McGhee; Index.
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