Ray Charles: Man and Music

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Januar 2004



Ray Charles: Man and Music is a complete biography of this seminal singer/pianist who has been active on the American music scene since the mid-'50s. Originally published in 1995 by Penguin Books, and universally hailed as the definitive biography, this new edition will bring Charles's life up to date, covering the last 7 years of his life.


Michael Lydon was a founding editor of Rolling Stone magazine and one fo the most highly regarded rock journalists of his generation. He is the author of Flashbacks: Eyewitness Accounts of the Rock Revolution (Routledge, 2003). He resides in New York City.


"Lydon is obviously a very gifted and very sensitive writer--his prose lilting and poetic, drunk on the invisible rhythms of the music each syllable softly falling like beads of water against the wide windows of the dawn-hour. Readers will find this an easy book to consume- pages almost turning themselves, eyes feverishly tracking back and forth, anxious to see where everything ends.."
-The Electric Review, Nov. 2004
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